Staging – Making a Difference

Living in your home vs. showcasing your home for sale.

Why is Staging Important and What is Trending in 2019?

In times past, homes for sale flew off the shelf. Professional Real Estate agents are now observing that homes are staying on the market for longer periods of time. Of course, pricing is still a key element to moving Real Estate. However, what if the Buyers now have more choices?

Better than “A Good Eye”

I’ve often stated that how you live in a home and how you sell a home are two opposite concepts. A good Realtor with an “eye” can help with the suggestion of de-cluttering and de-personalization. However, a great Realtor will offer a staging consultation with an individual who is trained in that field to make the home appear in its “peak presentation” state.

What is Trending in 2019

  • Warm neutrals replace gray-washed rooms

  • Going smaller has become bigger. Therefore, making those “big box” homes cozier and homier is key to attracting Buyers

  • Light, views and fresh air

  • Wall of windows providing light

  • Natural materials and motifs

  • Living spaces with natural accents

With a focus on clean, open spaces (along with spare Scandinavian design), stagers are leaning toward warmth and comfort with natural touches. Sitting in your den or great room should evoke the feeling of lying in a hammock on the beach on a breezy summer day. Some stagers might suggest prints and florals in natural-colored tones. Some may suggest a look of open-grain oak cabinetry, metallic linen draperies, saddle leather, and woven cotton rugs.

Color swings keep the rooms fresh and inviting. According to Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, “Grays are now in the midst of a warming trend.” Others have commented that there’s a swing back to white, off-white or antique white.

Even though the feel and look of a home is attractive, today’s Buyers are more interested in greater affordability, convenience to schools, medical facilities, airports, etc., healthfulness, sustainability and comfort.

Buyers are open to remodeling an existing home. There are very few newer or new construction homes in Weston. Given the fact that Buyers may be willing to remodel is promising. However, the remodeled home will bring about a better price for Sellers.

Protection from Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are occurring more frequently and with little warning. Changing out a garage door to a hurricane-proof door is a great place to start. Installing hurricane panels, whether vertical panels or accordions that have been permitted, is another great move to attract Buyers with too many choices. A home built to keep energy costs down is extremely important as well.

Remember: A home seller does not have to revamp the entire home. A stager will make suggestions incorporating existing pieces to achieve the updated look. Bold, beautiful, and memorable are what make a home stand out in the growing marketplace.


Mortgage Payment & Rate Comparison

Qualified buyers can still benefit from low Interest Rates.  According to Freddie Mac, rates are projected to climb.  The impact your interest rate makes on your monthly mortgage cost is significant. With the current interest, now is a great time to lock in a low rate while you can!

*Chart Source: Freddie Mac

Compare monthly principal & interest payments based on various mortgage amounts and interest rates using the following chart: Principal Interest Chart – Expires 03-2019

Contact me to discuss your home buying options!

Florida Homestead Exemption Deadline

A reminder to file for HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION. Florida property owners who qualify must apply by March 1, 2019.

Types of Exemptions:

  • Deployed Military
  • Disability
  • Disabled First Responder
  • Homestead Exemption
  • Institutional Exemptions
  • Tangible Personal Property
  • Window or Widower Exemption

For more information contact or visit:
Broward County:       954 357 6830 Ι
Miami-Dade County: 305 375 4712 Ι
Palm Beach County: 561 355 2866 Ι


Activity on the condominium market in Aventura, Florida!

The City of Aventura is located in northeastern Miami-Dade County, Florida. The City motto, “City of Excellence” is indicative of all it has to offer.  There is something to compliment the luxury lifestyle of beach lovers, boaters, golfers, shoppers, oenophiles, and beyond!

Aventura residential properties consists of luxury single family homes and a wide variety of exclusive condominium developments. For a glimpse of the Aventura condominium market, view the 2018 report of current and cumulative activity for selected condominiums by clicking on the following link: Activity on the condominium market in Aventura, Florida!

Aventura Marina


Privé Island

Why Hire Erica . . . Your Neighborhood Real Estate Professional

Why Hire Erica when purchasing your home or condominium —-

Understanding the process.

  • If you are new to the home buying process, Erica can explain exactly what to expect during the entire transaction.
  • There are essential steps to a successful closing and beyond.
    • They are:
      • A fully executed contract with all important facets initialed.
      • Buyer applying for the loan timely with the contract deadlines.
      • Lender deadlines met according to TRID.
      • Buyer purchasing insurance with the binder in place by closing.
      • Loan Approval.
      • Walk-through and signing off.
      • Review of the Closing Disclosure and/or HUD.
      • Title company’s involvement and advising of the wiring of funds.
      • Handing over of keys, clickers and keys to the clubhouse.
      • Registration with the water company as well as other local utilities.
      • Registration with the HOA or COA.
      • Homestead Exemption Application and for the Homestead Assessment Difference (commonly referred to as Portability).

Pointing out the “not-so-obvious” features regarding the property.

Whether there is a room that was “stated” as a bedroom in the MLS or a spa that was tagged as a swimming pool, Erica can assess what you are purchasing and create a market analysis based on the truth of what you have seen and are considering to purchase.

“Erica is able to quickly assess whether the MLS printout is in line with the actual product being presented and point out the not so obvious.”

Negotiate better contract terms.

Whether it’s price or closing date, the contract terms can be tricky.  From figuring out repairs, move-in dates, pricing, what stays with the property, what should be removed from the property, Erica can assist with of all these details to make for a smoother move.

Provide buyers with “tried and true” service vendors recommendations.

Being in the business exposes one to many who lend, inspect, repair and close transactions.  That’s when experience really counts.  Having been in the business for years, Erica has brushed up against those who deliver – not just promise.

Knowledge of the areas – so a buyer makes an informed decision about where to live, work and play.

As a resident of South Florida since 1995, Erica knows the areas.  Sizing up your wants and needs and where you would most likely be the most fulfilled is the most rewarding part of the job.

 O T H E R   R E A S O N S —

Knowledge of home values and how to calculate them.

The public thinks that google has all the answers and the aggregators have all the home value algorithms correct.  Wrong.  Evaluating a home’s value, whether for a buyer or a seller, is a tedious task using all kinds of metrics – not just the MLS system.

Education as the market.

A professional, such as Erica, will educate you as to the REAL market.

A professional with experience can use third-party testimonials to educate you as to “what happened to the last buyer or seller who did that . . .” to prevent you from making expensive mistakes that could lead to difficulties in resales.

Problems that Arise.

What happens when the inspection reveals issues that may result in a cancellation of the contract?  Can you get your deposit monies back?

Erica keeps up with contract law and the changes thereto.  Some agents use an outdated contract which would not hold up in a court of law and could result in a bad result for the client.

Overcoming objections.

Erica is extremely likable and is trained in handling any objection by any party and has ample resources.  An experienced agent has run into the same issues time and time again and knows the probable outcome.

Effective negotiation skills.

How does Erica formulate a strategy?

How much should you offer or counteroffer?

Will your response create rejection of your offer?

What about multiple offers? Could you facilitate, manage and negotiate effectively without rise to ethics violations or violating federal housing laws?

Erica has objectivity when it comes to negotiating the best outcome for his client. The parties are too subjective and may get too emotionally involved in the process.  Objectivity is key to closing.

Strategic Planning.

Erica has a plan, a timeline, and sets the expectations of her clients.


Erica has well-placed contacts and connections in the global real estate marketplace, to present buyers and sellers a more well-rounded view of market trends and the local developments that affect South Florida’s homes values.

Trusted recommendations.

Who else can you share your, fears and worries? Your friends and family may instill fear; Erica will allay those fears and concerns.

The buying and selling process is not something you want to tackle alone. Allow Erica to be your trusted advisor leading you through the maze of possibilities.

Trusted Referrals.

Erica is someone whom you can trust to refer to your friends, family and co-workers.  Her proven track record of integrity and customer service is preeminent.

Trusted Advisor for New Construction.

Erica is the one person you want accompanying you to new construction properties.  She will look over your shoulder with regards to what is being offered by the builder/developer.


Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.

Jim Rohn

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